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Being feminine makes me feel strong

January 5, 2015 | 5 comments

Jodi byBiehl

Jodi Rosenstein works in the field for USAID and has been in Afghanistan for five years. Wearing khaki and t-shirts all day makes her long for demonstrating that she is after all a feminine woman.

It started in elementary school. She took an interest in travelling and foreign policy, but decided to be more than a bystander. She wanted to do something herself. Make a real difference and see that difference put into effect.

At Georgetown University in Washington D.C. where she trained to be a diplomat she put her focus on pulling societies from conflict to post-conflict.

Jodi in Afghanistan Jodi in Afghanistan

Thus she spent five years in the field helping locals in Afghanistan through her position in USAid and in charge of helping 14 provinces.

“You know that your life is at risk, but the benefit of seeing the difference we are making is greater”

“Our base is frequently rocketed - sometimes for nights at a time. Last week a rocket landed on my desk”, she tells. Luckily she was not there.

You know that your life is at risk, but the benefit of seeing the difference we are making is greater”
With pride she tells that many of the children in a province she worked in now are named after her.

Jodi Rosenstein loves what she does and believes that good has come out of the effort and sacrifices that American soldiers have done.

Now more than five million girls are in school, up from 50.000 in the Taliban era. Now 85% of all people have cell phones, just few years ago they had none and they had to drive to each other to communicate.

“It is easy for us Americans to pad ourselves on our backs, however, we have only done something right when the Afghans pad us on OUR back.”

Being on the ground watching women and children in their daily lives an chores make Jodi Rosenstein think of herself as both a professional, a human being but also a woman. 


While being in a war zone, she told us that she likes to feel like a woman – it makes her feel proud and strong.
So recently she put on a dress that she had worn for a wedding and strolled around in it at the military base.
Her business is a lot more than just serious business, feeling like a normal person - a normal woman - gives her strength to go on doing her dangerous job.

“Jewelry affects how people feel about themselves. Choosing jewelry gives women personal strength. Here in Afghanistan and elsewhere women wear it for themselves and the jewelry is part of how a woman wants to represent herself to the world. So I believe that jewelry gives people strength.”

She likes the simplicity of ByBiehl and loves that it is interchangeable and functional in use. But in the battle field jewelry is out of the question for safety reasons. However, underneath the khaki clothing she still wears her personal jewelry.

Jodis favorites

Jodi's favorites: Signature necklace gold, Signature earrings gold, Forget-me-not bangle gold. Leather bracelet with pods: Globe and Friendship, love, trust.

What are your byBiehl favorites? And have you followed your dream?

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5 comments to "Being feminine makes me feel strong"
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