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For each piece sold, we remove 1 kg of ocean waste
An extra green collection ♻️
Help us remove ocean waste

As part of byBiehl's green journey, we have entered into a partnership with Plastics For Change, which removes waste from the ocean.

For every piece of jewelry sold from the Ocean Flow collection, 1 kg of ocean waste will be removed.


With its timeless Scandinavian design and strong price point, the Ocean Flow collection is a must-have. Like all byBiehl jewelry, Ocean Flow is produced in 100% recycled sterling silver and under ethical and sustainable conditions.




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Meet our Ocean Flow Ambassadors

We have been fortunate to work with some cool women who are just as passionate about the ocean as we are. Read their stories here.

Nima Tisdall

Nima Tisdall is the founder of Blue Lobster; an app that provides fresh fish, caught in a sustainable manner, to consumers.

The Obama Foundation highlighted her initiative in the summer of 2019, just a year after Blue Lobster was launched. Also in 2019, she was named by Berlingske as one of the 100 most influential businesswomen in Denmark.

In 2021, she made it onto the 'Forbes 30 Under 30' list for her achievements.

Line Rejmers

I was born and raised in a small town near the water, and I have always been drawn to the beautiful sea and the fresh breeze from it.

Despite my seasickness, my curiosity tends to take over, which has led me to experience the sea in various ways from different places around the globe.

From diving in the 'Great Barrier Reef' in Australia to flying over 'The Great Blue Hole' in Belize, which are some of the world's most famous wonders.

Sarah Rønholt

My relationship with the sea is lifelong. And intense. When I am near the sea, it evokes the strongest emotions in me, it always has, ever since I was very young.

It's a wild feeling to look out over the sea and think that anything is possible, while at the same time being reminded of how small we really are.

Pia Grønning

The sea heals me. All my life, I've been fortunate enough to live close to the sea - either in the USA or Denmark. And I couldn't imagine living any other way. The sea brings me peace.

The sound of the sea, the waves, everything just makes me happy. I can be stressed or sad, but as soon as I'm right at the water's edge, everything just gets better.

Jillian Blum

I associate the sea with the unknown, and it reminds me of how much we still have to learn. It gives a sense of humility.

Nature teaches us about resilience and respect. One can learn an incredible amount about oneself, and who one is as a person, based on how one interacts with nature.

Julie Pallesen

I love being in the sea, and the best way for me to start my day is with a swim in the ocean - and I have to dunk my head under. I feel like a new person after having been in the sea. I feel that it cleanses me and gives me a boost.

I have always dreamed of living by the sea, and since I moved to Costa Rica a year ago, this dream has come true. I live by the beach and can hear the waves from my house - for me, there is nothing more fantastic and blissful than this sound.

Plastics for Change

byBiehl supports the organization Plastics for Change, which collects and recycles plastic from the ocean. With this partnership, we aim to help protect marine life and reduce the pollution of the world's oceans.

Plastics for Change is Fair Trade and Ocean Bound Plastic certified, and the organization also focuses on creating social change in local areas by providing jobs for people living in poverty.

Read more about Plastics for Change and their work here.


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