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byBiehl is turning 10 years!

ByBiehl is turning 10 this year, and we’re celebrating that by launching the anniversary-piece ‘Balance’.

“I want to focus on Balance, because it is extremely important for us as humans and for the world in general. Everyone needs a life in balance. What makes our life balanced is up to the individual.

What makes our life balanced is unique for each individual. Sometimes life moves forward, sometimes backwards - but we must always try to navigate and maintain that balance. Therefore, the ‘Balance’ design is both asymmetrical and harmonious in the way it is inspired by life's delicate balancing act.

Balance is also a symbol of byBiehls journey. Over the past 10 years, we’ve been in constant movement and just like with riding a bike, the best way for a company to maintain its balance is to keep moving. We have recently started our green journey in an effort to  to keep our world in balance.

We hope you'll follow along on our website and take part in all the festivities leading up to our anniversary on November 5th!"

– Charlotte Biehl


To me, the word Balance symbolises the company’s green journey. As a company, we should do our absolute best
to work towards a more balanced world.


Women we admire!

In connection with our anniversary, we focus on some amazing women, whom we admire. Make sure to check out our website when we share several successful women’s view on balance – with regard to their careers, the environment and other aspects of life.

See the portraits here

Our green journey!

We need to take care of our world. At byBiehl we look inward and constantly work on how we as a company can improve our products and internal processes in order to become more sustainable. 

Since the beginning of 2020 we have produced all our jewelry out of 100% recycled silver and gold. The mining industry excavation processes put severe strain on the environment. Therefore, it makes far more sense to reuse the already extracted metals. 

Furthermore, decided we from 2019, to plant a mangrove tree for every piece of Jungle Ivy jewelry sold. We are reforesting areas in Madagascar and Indonesia where deforestation has led to soil erosion and other environmental consequences.  
Last month, we planted tree number 50,000 in collaboration with Eden Projects, who replants trees in areas where deforestation has led to soil erosion that has major environmental consequences.

Read more about our green journey here!



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