Jungle Ivy - Sneakpeek!

You may have heard a bird sing about new designs for our Jungle Ivy jewelry collection. If you have, then you've heard quite right! We are expanding our collection with even more jewelry designs that, once again, aim to pay a tribute to the beauty of the earth and your good conscience.


Already from Wednesday the 25th. of September at 12:00 PM you have the opportunity to pre-order our new Jungle Ivy jewelry collection!

We plant the world's most CO2-hungry tree, the mangrove, for every Jungle Ivy jewelry sold. And we are so happy to tell you, that we already have planted the first 20.000 trees!


Now you can buy our Jungle Ivy jewelry with an extra good conscience.
If you pre-order the new designs -
we plant not just one, but 10 mangrove trees!

The trees are planted in Madagascar and Indonesia and do not only strengthen the environment. It is also a socio-economic project that help locals to work and make them experts in growing mangrove trees.

The collection includes both earrings, necklaces and bracelets. All jewelry will be available in both silver and gold plated silver, with and without zirconia. Prices range from: 49 - 179 Euros.