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The city collection is dedicated to you who love life, the lights, the good times and the beautiful evenings. 

The CITY COLLECTION is only available for purchase on our website or our stores in Copenhagen and Oslo.

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Ocean Flow

For every Ocean Flow piece sold, 1 kg of plastic is collected from the sea 🐳

byBiehl supports the organization, Plastics for Change, which collects plastic from the oceans of the world.

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“I always thought there was something fascinating about poppies. It is both an elegant and wild flower; whose fine colors shine both in ditches and fields. There is something beautiful in the wild and imperfect.”
- Charlotte Biehl, Designer and founder of byBiehl jewelry

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You'll love our new Seashell collection, with our favourite Seashell hoops finally coming in a larger version, which pair perfectly with your smaller Seashell hoops from our existing collection, and of course beautiful alone as well.

Seashell is designed by Charlotte Biehl, and is a simple and timeless interpretation of the seashell patterns.

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My Powers

Create your very own personal jewelry with an engraved necklace or bracelet from byBiehl 💝  A perfect and personal gift for someone who is very special to you.

Find the perfect stone whose meaning suits you, or the lucky person receiving a gift, and choose your own personal engraving.

*Engravings ordered after 22/06 12.00 will be sent on 7/7.

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From a distance they look the same.
Up close, you see the difference:
Big, small, a world of colours.
Some burnt dry by the sun,
others wet from ocean kisses.
All them just like us:
the same and yet completely unique

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Sparkle hoops

Our beautiful sparkle hoops are perfect for stacking together with the other fine byBiehl hoops that you can find here.
All hoops are made of 100% recycled gold and silver ♻️.

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See the beautiful new Season collection from byBiehl's FW20 collection.
Pre-order the pieces now!

The entire collection of sustainable jewelry is produced in
100% recycled gold and silver.

"Winter resting peacefully. Spring ripe with promises.
Summer in full bloom. Autumn all abundance.
Each season adding it’s spice to the story of your life."
-Charlottes inspiration

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No man is an island.
In fact, togetherness is what adds meaning to everything.
Love, laughter joy, holding hands, sharing moments...
The together collection is dedicated to "Us", together, forever.

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Beautiful World

The world is amazing!
Think of almond trees in bloom.
Sunsets in all shades of red
Dewy grass under your feet.
The first kiss. The second. All the following...
If you love our fantastic world, the Beautiful World collection is for you!

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Jungle Ivy

Our Globe needs more than beautiful thoughts. It needs action.
For every Jungle Ivy piece sold, we’ll plant a Mangrove. No tree absorbs more Co2. Help protect the World we love!

The Jungle Ivy collection is inspired by the rainforest vines, which wrap themselves, around the mangrove trees. All designs are available in both sterling silver and 14k gold plated sterling silver.

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Inspired by the mature and sophisticated woman, the fine pearl collection aims to bring the femininity to anyone who wears this elegant jewelry. Pearls symbolize wisdom and all designs are available in both sterling silver and 14K gold plated sterling silver with freshwater pearls and zircon.

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Tree of Life

My childhood tree was a chestnut. 
200 years old. Big. Solid, Safe.
But once it was just the thiniest seed, deciding to go for greatness.
The Tree of Life collection is a tribute to life.

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With the right key, you can go anywhere you want. Unlock the doors to Wonderland. Throw up the gates to any dream. But don't ever leave home without the key to your heart.

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10 years ago, Charlotte Biehl decided to take the leap and follow her dream. She quit her management consulting job to become a full-time entrepreneur and founded what we proudly know as byBiehl today.  

byBiehl jewelry is now sold in more than 300 stores all over Europe and we would love to celebrate this incredible journey with you!

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Wave Collection

Wave is inspired by the natural waves of the ocean - some pieces are quite simple and others are with sparkling stones, like when the light gets caught in the water.

With the Wave collection, I want to create simple but also playful jewelry that can be used alone or together with other styles.

These styles are an extension of byBiehl's very popular Wave earrings.

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