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byBiehl is now presenting its first collection made of 100% recycled gold and silver.

#100% recycled

byBiehl’s new SS20 collection will be made in 100% recycled gold and silver. And it’s not just the new collection which be made in recycled materials. Going forward, all byBiehl jewelry will be made of 100% recycled gold and silver.

The mining industry is very polluting. To mine enough gold for one ring, 20 tons of mountain must be broken. Besides these, polluting chemicals are used to extract the silver. The result is comprehensive pollution and destroyed nature with severe consequences for both humans and wildlife.

There’s plenty of silver and gold that has already been mined. It therefore makes sense to melt these materials and reuse them. This proces is also demanding – especially to maintain the purity of the materials. It has therefore been a long proces for us to ensure that all the materials we use are 100% recycled.

Now we succeded in sourcing the purest recycled materials. Our suppliers have been certified by Responsible Jewelry Council, RJC, who require responsibility in all steps of the production proces.

byBiehl is therefore one of the few jewelry brands in the world who have certificates stating that their products are made of recycled materials.

It’s important for us to make a difference and do the right thing. Now a days all easily accessible gold has been mined. What’s left require lots of resources and too much chemistry. Therefore, the only right thing to do is to reuse of the all the silver and gold which is already out there. It’s as pure as new” 
Charlotte Biehl.

#Made to Last

In the meantime it’s important for us that byBiehl jewelry is Made to Last both in design and quality. Charlotte Biehl works with timeless designs which you want to wear for years. Jewelry which is personal and tells a story. It should be possible to combine the jewelry and mix and match – so a collection is never dated. Instead the old jewelry can be refreshed by styling them with some pieces for the newer collections.

 ”I’m no saint, but I want to do the right now. It’s important for me that we at byBiehl also make a difference for our world and do good things. This shift to using 100% recycled materials is part of the journey we are on at byBiehl where we are trying to make our company more sustainable”
Charlotte Biehl

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