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See her styling of the Ocean Flow collection and read about her thoughts about nature, the ocean, and living a sustainable lifestyle.

How is your relationship to the sea?

The sea provides an unknown that reminds me how much we have yet to learn. It’s a very humbling feeling.


What is your favorite memory by the ocean?

Swimming with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef. I felt like I was granted a gift by being able to witness their life underwater.


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What inspires you about nature?

She teaches you resiliency and respect. So much can be learned about who you are as a person based on how you interact with the outdoors.

What are you doing to be more sustainable?

There are so many simple household choices we can make to use less and produce less waste. I use cold water for my laundry, we wait to buy groceries until our fridge/cupboards are cleaned out and looking at used items for gear or households goods we need.


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How and why are you raising your daughter sustainably?

My daughter is following my example in understanding exploring the outdoors is a gift we must earn. Sometimes that means cleaning up after others who don’t appreciate what is offered. This Winter we have hauled over 100 pounds of trash from Nature.

What are some values that you want to pass on to your daughter?

I wish for Rosie to honor the value of the outdoors along with all wildlife inhabiting it. To understand that without respecting their importance, we would lose the opportunity to be a part of its beauty and growth.

How would you style Ocean Flow?

I would use Ocean flow to mimic some of my favorite things about the outdoors. I love layers; layers of mountains, waves, and trees. So stacking necklaces and rings is always one of my go to styles. Also, I find the mixing of elements we find in nature inspiring, therefore, I love to mix different metals and elements when wearing jewelry.


Ocean Flow is made in 100% recycled gold & silver. We are collborating with the organization Plastics for Change, so that for each piece sold in the collection 1 kg of plastic waste is removed from the ocean.

Read more about their work here.

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